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Discover jewellery for any type of occasion here at Fields Beads Handmade Jewelry. Are you looking for bracelets, earrings, rings or necklaces? Then all you need to do is visit our store today. We're based in Brooklyn and you can browse our large collection of luxury items and everyday pieces online to find that …

Our Jewelry at Jacob Javits Center!

At Fields Beads Handmade Jewelry our jewelery store offers different types of jewelery suitable for a multitude of occasions, but one thing remains constant: each piece is handmade with care, with complete attention to detail. This ensures that when you purchase it you are completely delighted with your beautiful new …


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SKU: 437

Gold Bronze Color Crystal Cut Flower Ring.

Handmade, organic and original

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$10.00 Wholesale: $5.00

SKU: 015

Royal Blue Cystals Cut Beaded Ring.

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$10.00 Wholesale: $5.00

SKU: 016

Beautiful and Unique white snow crystals cut ring.

one available

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$5.00 Wholesale: $2.50

Available Products

Necklaces & Pearls

Necklaces & Pearls

Opalite rainbow moonshine statement necklace.

Iridescent Opalite old classy jewelry Necklace Lentgh 12 1/2 inch.

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$100.00 Wholesale: $50 SKU:448

Deep Yellow Cut Crystals Set Necklace

Stretchable one strand bracelet, earrings and ring.

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$65.00 Wholesale$32.50 SKU: 439

Carnelian ChippedHeart Pendant Necklace.

Carnelian Chipped Heart Pendant Necklace, handmade & original

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$44.00 Wholesale $22.00 SKU: 444

Pink Jade 3 Strand Pearl Necklace

Pink Jade 3 row necklace, handmade, original and only at here at fieldsbeadshandmadejewelery.com Place your order now.
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$35.00 SKU: 152

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